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  • Khushie Mallya

Putting People First

The emphasis of putting people first at Upfront HR is all about prioritizing the people that have worked together to help build our company. Based on the things I have noticed while working at Upfront HR, the company believes that people are the most important asset to any business; they stand by the fact that we all wish to be heard. We deserve a certain level of acknowledgement and appreciation.

The company’s objectives revolve around maintaining clients, candidates, and employees; I say this not based on the statements published on our website, but as an interning employee working at Upfront HR, witnessing this first-hand.

The theory behind putting people first is all about creating long-lasting, meaningful, and genuine relationships with our stakeholders and external partners. This focus and strategy help us gain the confidence to build a trustworthy rapport.

Through my internship at Upfront HR, I have learned that a friendly and humble leadership approach can go a long way, increasing one’s motivation to work, and in turn, providing better results. The positive working environment makes me want to be more committed to my work and contribute as much as possible.

The way I see it, Upfront HR comes off as a people-centric business that prioritizes the people associated with the company over other things. They understand that it is the people who derive a company's success; this is one of the things I appreciate most about the company, apart from its transparency and relationship-building approach to working. It’s more about developing the connection than signing a deal. Of course, the second part is important too, but the bond holds a much greater value.

It is quite a simple concept… Putting People First.

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